Saturday, July 23, 2011

Release 2.3

Over the past month I have been working to make version 2.3 available in the Android market and Amazon App store.  This new version will be a departure from how I have been releasing changes for Handicap: Golf Tracker and Handicap: Golf Tracker Pro.  In the past the only real difference between the two version was a grass background and the lack of ads in the pro version.

In this version there are some significant differences between the free version and the pro version.  In the pro version you will now see a more streamlined Add Round screen.  The new screen gets rid of the drop down boxes and replaces then with text fields.  I hope this will made entering round much easier.  The other difference will be the addition of graphs to the Stats screen.  You can now see five different graphs to see how you are trending.  I will be adding more graphs and features to this screen in later releases.

Both version will see significant changes to UI navigation.  I am no longer duplicating some features in the menus.  Some features are also no longer hidden in the menus.  Now the Action Bar will be used to display features like adding a course/round, filtering rounds or easy access to the help screens.

The Pro version is now available in the Android market while the free version will be available in August.  Both versions will be on the Amazon App Store once they pass the app validation process.  

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