Monday, March 5, 2012

Warning - Under Construction

I've recently decided to move my Android app to Github for source control hosting. As a result the master and branches are now safely checked in on a remote server. This allows me to make changes to the application locally and have a master copy on a remove computer.  Now I can have a viable archive of my code changes so I can rollback changes if they don't work as desired.

What this has bought me is the comfort to fully refactor my app. I've decided to rollback my most recent changes adopting the Android Action Bar.  I will create a version of the app only using Android 2.x libraries. I've found the transition to using Fragments and the Action bar more difficult than originally estimated.  It seems once I solve one issue, I find another one waiting for me.  Since less than 5% of my users are on an Android 3 or 4 device I am not going to optimize for those version of Android in my next release. 

What I plan on doing this year is finish this refactoring then refactor again to only support Android 3.x and up. I will then have two deployed apps that target the two different UI approaches in Android. My hope is this will allow me to release a quick update for a new feature I have in mind and give me time to resolve the flaw I discovered in my current implementation.