Sunday, September 26, 2010

New version of Handicap: Golf Tracker Lite
Voghan Apps is proud to announce that Handicap: Golf Tracker Lite has released version 1.3 to the Android market.  The new version has some minor usability changes in regards to ad placement and now the application has been localized to French.  

I am currently working on some major changes to Handicap: Golf Tracker which I hope to release  before the holidays.  The new features will include a totally remodeled Play Round section to the app and a export/import feature to migrate your data easily from phone to phone or from the free app to the paid app.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Productive Week

It’s been a very productive couple days for me. In the past couple days I’ve pushed out two changes to Handicap and release an ad supported version. I have a list of features I want to roll out for everyone but I ended up working on ideas that came up.

The first was to simply localize my application for English and Italian. I really have no reason to do this because I’m not seeing an traffic from Italian android users but it was a nice learning activity for myself.

I also added the ability to share your rounds or handicap with others. Now you can share your round via twitter with your friends. This should be a fun feature allowing people to directly brag about their golf skills.

I had been working on an ad supported version of Handicap for a while now. Originally it was going to be the slimmed down version of the app but for the initial release it’s identical except for the ads. I’m not sure how I will be releasing features but I’ll probably make it worth while to have a paid version of the app.