Sunday, February 20, 2011

Handicap: Golf Tracker 1.9 released!

A new version of Handicap: Golf Tracker is now available on the Android marketplace.  The new version contains changes to the Play Golf screen that allows you to enter a round hole by hole.  The new screen removes the golf ball links and allows you to go directly to the first hole or the next hole you haven't entered a score on.  You can now choose to save the round on this screen as well as share the round.  The cancel button will remove the temporary round created when you clicked on the Play Round button.

The main feature I hope this will resolve is the occasional force close error being reported.  On occasion the
round data has been lost which causes a force close to occur when you clicked on the next hole to play.  The fix should handle the issue by reloading the saved round data.

Here are a couple screen shots of the new Play Golf screens for both the Pro and the Lite versions.  The lite version will display ads and has a solid green background.

Android Market links:
Handicap: Golf Tracker Pro
Handicap: Golf Tracker Lite